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Overbrook School for the Blind

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Award-Winning Farm to Table Program

Health, wellness, plant-based foods, and horticulture are all a part of daily education!

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We are the Achievers and the Changemakers. We are Overbrook.

At Overbrook School for the Blind, students with vision loss and disabilities discover the hero within.

Featured Stories

  • Ms. Kelsey's class on a zoom

    Connecting for Morning Meeting

    What a joy it is to see our students, support our parents, and venture into this new normal together. We are so grateful for our parents, our staff and our students pulling together to make education continue and have some fun connecting as...

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  • Ms. Eva's entire class on a meeting

    Ms. Eva's High School Class is All Smiles This Afternoon

    Ms. Eva's class is getting together, when it is possible, to keep on track and keep the curriculum going forward. We bet this does not surprise Joey at ALL! Ms. Eva, ensuring we have work to do AT HOME! No way! From the smiles on the...

    Learn more on Ms. Eva's High School Class is All Smiles This Afternoon

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  • Our Instructional and Therapeutic Staff continue to help our students and families connect to our curriculum, their support system, and each other. We may not be living in ideal times for educational delivery, but our community is making the most of it. A very happy Friday to everyone. As an example, check out the...Read Full Post

    Posted: March 27, 3:13 PM
  • Don't forget to check our parent's page for updates. Today, you can see our wonderful High School students smiling right along with their instructors. A big shout out to our parents, students and teachers for keeping our community connected and learning. You can also read Ms. Eva's Husky Herald for ideas and fun ways...Read Full Post

    Posted: March 26, 1:25 PM

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Enriching Student Lives in Every Way

We give students the opportunity to have amazing lives both in and out of the classroom! As part of the Expanded Core Curriculum, students are supported by a community that helps to foster friendships and navigate growing up. Social skills education, extra-curricular activities, and vocational skills are part of every day learning at our school.


A private non-profit school educating students with visual impairment with
or without additional challenges provided at no cost to parents.