The Aquatic Center Opens and Celebrates a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on May 1st and 2nd!!! A wonderful time was had by all -- and Overbrook is grateful for all of the generous contributions that have made this dream a reality.

Overbrook Cuts the Ribbon on New Kappen Aquatic Center

Friends of Overbrook Have Opportunity to Tour New Kappen Aquatic Center

Make a Splash! The Aquatic Center Campaign

The existing pool at Overbrook was built in 1906 and represented the first pool at a school for the blind in the United States. Over its 100 years of existence, the pool has had major repairs and modifications to accommodate the changing needs of our students. After extensive studies and evaluations by a project team, we realize the structure is completely beyond repair. With support from our board of directors, staff and school families, we are determined to create a new Aquatic Center.
This new 25,000 square foot, environmentally friendly facility will offer typical swimming activities, therapeutic use and recreational classes for students, alumni members and families. Complying with all ADA regulations, we plan to build a sustainable Aquatic Center achieving Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) certification.
Key features of the Aquatic Center will include:
     •   a lap pool with accessibility for wheelchair users;
     •   a therapeutic pool with zero depth entry;
     •   an area with a water feature;
     •   an accessible playground;
     •   ease of entry;
How you can Help
We hope that you will consider joining our Make a Splash Campaign by supporting this critically important initiative. We welcome your partnership in making certain that all of our students, alumni members, families and staff will have the extraordinary opportunity to enjoy this new 25,000 square foot, environmentally friendly facility, that will offer typical swimming activities, therapeutic use and recreational classes.
Each contributor to our campaign is an advocate for the valuable programs and services that Overbrook School for the Blind offers its students. Join us today and help us keep our promise to all of our students that we will always be here inspiring them to achieve their highest potential. Your contribution to the aquatic center will forever be a part of Overbrook, as it will be recognized on a specially designed wall in the center.


Find out how you can help the OSB Community make a BIG SPLASH
by donating to the Aquatic Center Campaign!

The Aquatic Center is nearing its final stages of construction. Tile is being installed, the pools are complete, and things are moving quickly now. Its been an amazing process to witness in such a short amount of time.

Update: January 7, 2009

The swimming pools have water!

Photograph of the Competition Pool filled with water

The tiles are colorful!

Colorful tiles decorate the walls of the Aquatic Center Tiles surround the competition pool

The scoreboards are up!

The scoreboards are ready and waiting for competition!

The locker rooms and showers are ready to go!

The shower area of the locker rooms Accessible and wheelchair accessible showers are ready as well!

Update: November 20,2008

 Tiles cover the walls now on the inside of the aquatic center

The outdoor playground installation has begun

The colorful tile covers the walls
The competition pool is tiled and ready to go

The aquatic center continues to take shape! The images below show the concrete being poured for the recreation pool on April eighth. Things are moving at a fast pace, and it is exciting to watch the new building take shape.

Concrete being sprayed into the recreation pool Concrete being formed into the recreation pool 

The construction crew sets the concrete A veiw of the future recreation pool taking shape 

The recreation pool walls are formed and drains are in place

Aquatic Center Update, March 24th:

The first two shots are of the completed concrete base for the competition pool.

 the concrete base for the competition pool is completed view of the competition pool with its concrete completed

The next two were taken March 31st and show the drains being installed under the deck.

the pools drainage system is being configured and taking shape the pools drainage system is being installed

The next three photos are of the Recreation pool - the outside form is done and now the inside drains and forms are taking shape. Meanwhile work continues on the walls of the building and the drainage and piping for the filtration system.

 the recreation pool is being formed the recreation pool is beginning to take form recreation pool continues to take shape with wooden forms being built

These pictures were taken on Tuesday, March 18th. The first 4 show concrete being applied to the competition pool. 100 yards were "poured" on Tuesday, March 18. This pool will be completed Thursday, March 20th. Picture #5 shows that the recreation pool is being formed and waiting for the floor drain lines to be installed.

The concrete is poured in the competition pool concrete being poured for the pool workmen pour concrete in the competition pool the concrete pouring will be completed by this Thursday, March 20th the recreation pool is being formed

 Photographs Updated February 13, 2008

The walls of the Natatorium have reached their full height of 25 feet!

Pictures 1,2 & 3 show the excavation for the "competition" pool with the entrance ramp on the left side. The circular recreation pool will be dug out next.

Roofing work is being completed for the link to Nevil-Biddle buildings including the lobby and the Team room. Picture 4 was taken from the corner of the Team room with the entrance door to the left and the open wall entrance to the Natatorium to the right side. Picture 5 shows the interior of the lobby from the corner of Nevil Center, and picture 6 looks out from the lobby to the patio/playground area with the bricks for the exterior of the Natatorium staged and ready to go!

Images captured December 19, 2007

Picture # 1 is looking out from the main building toward the playground. The far wall has reached it's final height adjacent to Biddle building. It has been filled with concrete that will cure and reach full strength in 30 days and then be ready to support the structural steel forming the base of the building's roof.


A photograph of the aquatic center's progress


Picture # 2 shows the rest of that wall and the outline of the natatorium space itself where the two pools will be located.

A photo that shows the area where the pools will evenually be located

Picture #3 is from across Wynnewood Road at the corner of Malvern Avenue and shows the outside wall with the main building rising in the background.

The outside wall of the aquatic center continues to be constructed


This images shows the progress from the same spot showing the outside wall connecting to Biddle.

Outside wall of the Aquatic Center


Previous Images Captured December 5, 2007

This image was taken on December 5th and show the walls of the reception area and flex room rising. The workers assemble wall sections and then pour concrete into the forms. The work can continue even in cold weather because the forms are made from 2 1/2 " insulating foam and the concrete can cure well protected from freezing.

The workers hitting solid rock out on Wynnewood Road as they connect our storm water system to the Main. The exterior walls sit directly on this same rock.

Images captured November 21, 2007

The New Entrance to the Aquatic Center between Nevil Center and Biddle.

The walls of the center grow daily. There is a lot of activity and excitement on campus.

The building materials used for the wall instillation sits ready to go.

The view from Wynnewood Road before the contstruction of the walls began. November, 2007