Along with their education, Overbrook students take an active part in extra-curricular activities that may be offered.

Whether it is an individual sport, or a team sport, the sense of accomplishment they receive from completing the training program learning individual techniques for a given sport, or even participating in sporting events, goes a long way in developing self esteem, teamwork, independence, and socialization skills in our student athletes.

Competing against other visually impaired students in the Eastern Athletic Association for the Blind (EAAB) or normal siged students, as in wrestling, provides them with the realization that they are just like normal students in a sports program.

Overbrook students may continue to participate in sports after graduating by joining sporting organizations for the blind like USABA (United States Association For Blind Athletes) or state Association for Blind Athletes, like the Blind Sport Organization (BSO) their website is www.pablindsports.org

Sports offered at Overbrook are: Swimming, Cheerleading, Goal Ball, Wrestling, and Track and Field. Overbrook is an active and charter member in the EAAB, and participates in both PABA and USABA events through out the year.