P.E.R.C. (Parents and Educators Responding to Multi- Handicapped Children) is a parent group whose children attend the Overbrook School for the Blind and the adult clients of Overbrook Friedlander Programs.



P.E.R.C. - A Closer Look

Founded in 1972, P.E.R.C. (at the time Progressive Education for Rubella Children) started with a group of parents whose children were born blind, deaf and mentally retarded as a result of rubella. Today those children are now adults, some are presently clients of the Overbrook Friedlander Programs. Nowadays there are few if any children disabled due to rubella, while the reason for our children 's impairments has evolved over the years our goal has remained the same, to enhance the lives of the children at Overbrook and the adults in the Friedlander Programs.

The purpose of P.E.R.C . is to support OSB and Friedlander Programs by providing funds to purchase and or maintain educational materials, recreational equipment and other expenses. Additionally, we make funds available to parents for camp, equipment or other needs not covered by insurance deemed appropriate. We are also available for advocacy and support.

P.E.R.C . has two fundraisers each year. The first is a Beef & Beer in the fall and a Golf Tournament in late spring. The proceeds generated by the Beef & Beer are used to fund the annual Staff Appreciation Luncheon in the spring when the entire staff of the OSB and Freidlander are invited to a catered lunch at the school. Parents volunteer to serve and provide treats for the sweet table. The golf tournament being our biggest fundraiser enables us to make a donation to the school and the Freidlander Programs.


P.E.R.C. has donated towards the following:
  • Freidlander Apartments
  • Cheerleader uniforms
  • Playground equipment
  • Large screen televisions
  • Ramp and elevator renovations
  • 2001 Technology Program
  • Stipends for summer camp
  • Appliances for the apartments
  • Classroom materials
  • Equipment for children to use at home
  • Recreational games/equipment for Fun Day

P.E.R.C. Activities

Golf Tournament - P.E.R.C. Golf Tournament has taken place annually since 1983. It is a much-anticipated event for our returning golfers each year. The day begins with a buffet lunch, tee-off, 18 holes and concludes with cocktail hour and buffet awards dinner. We always welcome new golfers. If you or someone you know is interested please contact us.

Staff Appreciation Event - For over fifteen years the parents of P.E.R.C. have shown their appreciation for everyone who works at the OSB and Freidlander. These days the event is catered, the parents who volunteer dish up the food and provide the treats for the sweet table. Sign up sheets are sent home before Easter break and reminder calls are made a few days before the luncheon to ensure we have enough coverage. Please think about volunteering the day and donating a baked item.

If you are interested in assisting with the organization of an event or volunteering for the day please contact Andrea Johnson, 610-623-8541 or email her at johnsonfam614@msn.com